Sharon Curry Breast Cancer Coaching

I am Sharon Curry, a certified health coach, and received a breast cancer diagnosis in 2010. Back then I wanted to know why I had developed breast cancer and what steps I could take to transform my health and minimise the risk of the cancer coming back. The diagnosis was also a "wake up" call, and I realised that I felt unfulfilled in my career, and had lost touch with the "real me".

Fast forward, and my passion is to empower women after cancer. For me its no longer just about being in remission.... its about thriving and blossoming into the woman I was born to be. I have been going through my own personal transformation since my cancer diagnosis, which is still ongoing, and I now love helping women heal themselves and create a fulfilling life, which is authentic to them.

My Reveal® and BeYou® programmes use META-Health and Lifestyle Prescriptions®, my experience from managing a team in the pharmaceutical industry, the life lessons  I have gained along the way, and the tools that I used to overcome my own challenges since the diagnosis.

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Sharon Curry Breast Cancer Coaching

What makes my coaching programme different is Lifestyle Prescriptions®, which allows me to achieve a targeted approach to your health.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method is a science-based breakthrough method to find the root-cause stressors, emotions & beliefs of over 1,000 symptoms just by asking a few questions.

Lifestyle Medicine research has shown that up to 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle changes and treating the cause.

As a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach I'll help you first to find the specific stress, emotion, belief & lifestyle habits affecting your specific symptom; and then we'll use 6 effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® Protocols to remove the blockages that prevent you from healing naturally.

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Sharon Curry Breast Cancer Coaching