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I truly believe that it's the self-limiting stories … our beliefs…..that we create about ourselves and the world, that can make us unwell.

If you want to create an empowering story, heal, and discover the real you who dares to dream about a more fulfilling and healthy life, then I can help you.




Do you want help in understanding why you are unwell?

Do you want simple, targeted strategies, specific to you, that will help you regain health and vitality?

Has your illness led you to question who you really are and what you want out of life?

When I found out that I had cancer, I kept asking “Why?”, and played out scenarios in my mind about what might happen in the future. I was confused and unsure about what steps I could take to feel better, support my healing, and minimise the risk of the cancer coming back. I also found the diagnosis had made me question who I was and what I really wanted out of my life.

If you find yourself in a similar position and want answers, then I can help you.

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I will support you from a place of understanding, using Lifestyle Prescriptions® ; transformational coaching techniques I have gained since my diagnosis; and from my experience of managing a team within the Pharmaceutical Industry for over two decades.

I will help you understand what may have contributed to your illness, and what specific steps you can take to support your healing. You will start to feel empowered and positive about the future again.

Initial Complementary Lifestyle Prescriptions® Consultation

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In our first session, we'll identify your priorities right now, and you will receive your first Lifestyle Prescription®

Sharon Curry Breast Cancer Coaching
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This supportive group is for women who want to share resources and discuss topics which will empower them after breast cancer. This is about looking forward, its an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas which will help you with better lifestyle choices; to uncover who you really are; to feel in control and to blossom. 
You will receive regular live updates and lifestyle information from myself. 
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Listen to my 20 minute interview on Brooklands Radio - "Just Her" with Alison Florence and Jackie Mitchell


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